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Treehouses for big people

Do you remember climbing trees as a kid and wondering as you entered the tippy-top branches, if they'd hold your weight? Questioning if you dare climb higher? Eventually, you stopped, looked around, and took in the sights as a reward for your bravery and the few cuts...

How to Make Google Crawl your Website Instantly

Discover the Power of Google Webmaster Tools It's true that getting Google to notice your website, or even simple changes to your website, can take time. If left to their own schedule, it can sometimes take months for the search giant to re-crawl your site and its...

How to be Found, Guaranteed

In the world of the web and websites, perhaps the most fundamental premise of all is this: Everyone starts out lost. To be fair, maybe not everyone. Lady Gaga probably got a million hits in the first hour her website was live! But as for us mere mortals, we almost...

The Anatomy of a Mobile-friendly Website

Much in technology happens silently, transparently, ever-churning away in the backgrounds of our lives, working its magic. How easy it is to enjoy the product of technology, not having to think at all about what makes things tick. We turn the key and start our car,...

New Site Launch: SkaneatelesSuites.com

CNY Mobile Web is proud to announce the launch of a new, mobile-friendly website for hospitality client, Skaneateles Suites, based in the village of Skaneateles, NY. Curt and Tony Feldmann contacted us in April 2015 and made the decision to upgrade their fixed-width,...

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