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Fast cloud hosting

Choose us for fast, reliable cloud hosting for your website.

Google Cloud Platform

We utilize the same infrastructure as Google (Google Cloud Platform) for website hosting, which guarantees you lightening fast websites and reliable uptime.

Cloud Hosting Plan

(Note: All websites that we develop receive 6-months free cloud hosting, so if you choose us for a mobile-friendly website, this represents a $200 – $240 savings.)


$39 / month or $399 paid annually


  • 1 domain name (yourdomain.com)
  • Unlimited subdomains (subdomain.yourdomain.com)
  • 20GB disk space
  • 100 Email addresses
  • 24×7 phone support (local support in CNY).
  • Email support, if preferred.


$5 / month – per additional website domain
$10 / month – per 100 additional email addresses
$10 / month – per additional 20GB disk space


Each plan is provisioned with a Plesk control panel for management of hosting features. Adding/removing email addresses, and/or managing other web hosting options, is user-friendly and fully under your control with Plesk.

Call us with special requests. We can accommodate your needs.