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Treehouses for big people

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Fun Tech |


Do you remember climbing trees as a kid and wondering as you entered the tippy-top branches, if they’d hold your weight? Questioning if you dare climb higher? Eventually, you stopped, looked around, and took in the sights as a reward for your bravery and the few cuts and scrapes you got from the bark and twigs on the way up.

I didn’t think about it so much in my youth, but now, when I think back, or if I escape to the woods and come upon a tree of formidable size, I can’t help but be blown away by the fact that these structures, these large, beautiful creatures, are living beings, that magically, somehow, grow up from meager seeds, to be so imposing and magnificent. And they’re all around us! And to think, we really can climb them!

It’s a similar feeling as the one you probably get when encountering a majestic elephant or inconceivably enormous whale!

The miracles are truly right before us. It’s just that we so often take them for granted.

Well, here’s a company that means to bring trees home, so to speak, so that you don’t need to escape to the woods to be among them. Their aim is to make our homes trees and our cities, forests. In fact, their homes are treehouses!

The company is Oas1s.

Watch the video below and tell me if you’d consider abandoning stucco and brick, vinyl siding and other manmade materials, to live in a tree!


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