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Why Mobile-friendly?

Mobile-friendly responsive web design.

The Painfully-Obvious Reason:

If you leave the house every day with a smartphone or tablet, you already know the problem. You’ve almost surely visited a site on your mobile device that wasn’t mobile-friendly.

It’s frustrating!

The usual problems:

  • Pinch-zooming to read small text
  • Panning around to find what you’re looking for
  • Encountering menus and other elements which often don’t work on mobile devices.

If you’re like me (and lots of other people), you’ll abandon the website and find a better company that cares about its mobile customers.

A mobile-friendly website eliminates these painful issues.

It does this by:

Checking the screen size, and if mobile…

  • Sizing and positioning its text and images for mobile
  • Removing/replacing elements that don’t make sense on small screens
  • Using a small hamburger (thumb) menu.
  • Eliminating space-wasting padding and margins to make everything fit
Mobile-friendly responsive web design.

The SEO Reason:

There’s another big reason to go mobile-friendly

Last year, Google began warning website owners who weren’t mobile-friendly that their sites would be penalized in Google’s search results.

What does this mean?

  • It means that if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, it’s placement in Google search will be lower than others, or last in the list, when someone searches a keyword in your profession or industry.
  • To put it more simply: Potential customers and clients won’t find you.

If you’re happy with your website’s current look and feel, we can retain it and convert it to a mobile-friendly site.

Or if you prefer, we'll design a new look for you, one that's beautiful, engaging, and modern!

Either way, your website will be one your customers (and Google) will love you for!

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