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WordPress, SEO, and Content Marketing - CNY Mobile WebSo you chose to go with a WordPress website! Congratulations! That was an important business decision.

Now you can easily utilize the power of this CMS (Content Management System) by blogging about your business and bringing customers to YOU! It’s as easy as writing up a document in Microsoft Word. Really!

Here are a few tips on how you can create blog articles and apply SEO tricks within the content:


There are a few things you can do with the title of a blog post that matter. First, create a compelling title, an eye catcher that is relevant to the content within the post. Second, if possible and relevant, utilize bracketed clarification, I.E. [Video], [Infographic], [Photos], [Interview], etc. This makes your title and article stand out in a long list of search results on Google or Yahoo.

Lastly, the length of your title DOES matter. There are a couple of considerations with length… Social sharing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and CTR (click through rate).

  • Social Sharing – In order to keep your title tweetable, it should be under 117 characters.
  • SEO – For the entire title to show up in Search it needs to be under 65 characters and you should place the most important keywords toward the beginning to be more attractive in search results.
  • CTR – studies show that titles with 81-100 characters enjoy a 43% CTR, ones with 61-80 characters have a 38% CTR, and the percentage continues to go down from there.


These deserve just as much attention as your title and the words in your post. Images get indexed by Search, and you can optimize them for better SERP (Search Engine Ranking Placement). They are an additional way that your business can be found online. Here are a few things to remember when adding images to your WordPress Posts and Pages:

  • File name – give your image a name that is applicable to your industry
  • Alt Text – this is a field that you can fill in with words that are attached to your image. It’s also the text that the search engine uses to understand images. So, again use words that are applicable to your industry and your company.
  • File size – Make your image file size as small as possible while still maintaining the visual quality you desire. If the file is too big, the load time of the page that includes that image may suffer. A slow-to-load web page will effect your SEO.

Yost’s WordPress SEO Plugin:

This is something you need to ask your web developer to do for you. And once it has been addressed, it’s very easy to use. It appears below every post and offers different items that you can adjust to see how each item will effect your SEO for that post. You can see a rendering of what your post or page will look like in search results and whether your title is too long or too short. It also shows you places you can improve, like adding an outside link to the article. The plugin not only assists you with ways to increase rankings but also helps increase the click through for organic search results. Read more about this plugin here.


Don’t forget when writing content on your website that the main intent is to turn a website visitor into a client. Always include a call to action. Here’s an example:

With every WordPress website developed by CNY Mobile Web, we encourage active participation in content management and creation. If you would like to take control of your business’ online presence through active online content marketing, contact us today, we’d love to share with you what a WordPress website has to offer.